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Top 5 free Magento extensions for shopping cart

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Magento is one of the best player in the shopping cart space for both entry and enterprise level eCommerce retailers. If we are evaluating Magento store, we find ‘shopping cart section’ is the second most visited location as it helps customer to purchase product with easy steps.

To make your shopping cart more usable and dynamic, it is must to use Magento shopping cart extensions. Here, we find collection of five free Magento shopping cart extensions, just check it out and use in your website.

CueBlocks Zoom:
CueBlocks Zoom

The default zoom slider under the main image box is replaced by CueBlocks Zoom extension with jQuery zoom. Having this extension, users can view larger image of particular area by mouse-over the image. 

One can use such type of extension for downloadable, bundled, simple, configurable, virtual and grouped products. Download

Xogenics Clean Carts:
Xogenics Clean Carts

This extension is one of the best examples of Magento extension development. Using "Clean Carts" extension, one can easily disable the shipping estimate and coupon code boxes in their shopping cart. After switching off to the carts, you can easily switch it back on whenever you want.

Store Restriction:
Store Restriction

As name suggest, Store Restriction extension is used for restricting the store from non-logged in customers. Moreover, one can also filter for logged in customers by giving right of entry to certain customer groups only with this extension. 

One of the best things about Store Restriction is it shows Custom Error message to the restricted users. Download

0 Step Checkout:
0 Step Checkout

One Page Checkout functionality is provided by this remarkable Magento extension. In this extension, one can find all steps for check out process, including shopping cart into one page only. 

Having simple and easy check out process, customer can enjoy buying products and thus, online sales will greatly enhance. Download

J2T Ajax cart LITE:
J2T Ajax cart LITE

J2T Ajax cart LITE is my personal favorite Magento extension that allows adding products in their cart without reloading the entire site.

If you want to give easy shopping facility to your customers, it would be best to go for J2T Ajax cart LITE. Download

Are you finding about free Magento extension useful for your eCommerce site? If yes, then simple download one from above listed and place in your website. Moreover, if you want some changes in these Magento extension, search out one of the experienced Magento store development company that offering remarkable Magento extension development service.Get more information about extension development services from here:

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