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Custom Magento Development, Custom Magento Design

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The Magento ecommerce software is a really feature-rich, user-friendly platform with huge scope for development and customization. The ever increasing popularity of Magento is ample proof of the immense liking the developer community at large has taken to this platform.

Custom Magento Development includes custom Magento features, themes, landing pages, graphics extensions etc. The advantage of deploying Magento is that the user can enjoy the double benefits of the remarkable adaptability of open-source software together with many great features that the community has accepted with open arms.

In general, custom Magento development includes important services like:

  • Custom Magento Features
  • Customized Magento Themes Design & Integration
  • Custom Landing Page Design
  • Buttons, Widgets and Special Effects
  • Payment Gateway Solutions
  • Ordering & Shipping Methods
  • CMS pages customization etc
  • Custom Magento Development can be either design services and/or Software development services.
Magento developers with great exposure and rich experience in custom Magento development are the need of the day. Magento community is looking for reliable Magento developers who can make intensive assessment of customer requirements and determine custom Magento development in sync with the customer requirements.

Magento Design and development services basically need to be customer-oriented with built-in features for a great extent of flexibility. The most important of Magento Design is the combination of layout, template, locales and skins. When combined with creativity, the Magento Design offers great visual experiences.

One can consider having custom template design to offer uniqueness and variety for each of the web site. Custom Template design enables customers to embed the templates into existing web stores without changing the fundamental website design.

Similarly, Magento Themes offer you innumerable variations in the look and feel of your online store, bringing in the much-needed uniqueness both in the categories and the products. Magento themes take the concept of online store design to an altogether new level in terms of visual richness and experience. In addition,   such themes enhance the marketing and promotional scope of the online store. The great advantage of Magento   is   that one need   not   always   go in for new theme designs. Existing themes   can   be modified and use.

Magento Design Services constitute the best part of customizing Magento in tune with the online store requirements.  A significant component of Magento Theme Design is the Magento Skin. Before attempt to proceed with designing Magento Skins, you require the Magento Tools like  Templates, Layouts, Blocks and of course the images, CSS and java scripts. Magento Skinning should take into account the corporate online store objectives and design parameters. Magento developer should customize Magento Skins in tune with the customer requirements, the product range and the category range.

The Landing Page of online store website or an ecommerce website is very crucial to the website. This is the webpage where the customer or the potential buyer decides to rely on the online store for his requirements or not.  The landing page should create a fine first impression and must be well designed to invoke interest in the visitor and thereby clinch sales. Magento Commerce and the Magento-based design stress the importance of good custom landing page design. Magento custom designer uses Magento platform to design custom landing pages in tune with the online store's requirements.

The Custom Magento Designer specializes in designing customized buttons and special effects links so that the online store's landing page can be used with telling effect to draw potential buyers to conclude online sales even during the first visit. Domain expertise in Magento Design enable the developer  to create online stores with web pages that have excellent design features containing product info in full detail, directional links in the form of buttons and special effects like animations and images.

Custom Magento Development   usually begins with the in depth analysis of the customer business needs. The Magento sales team should be with immense domain expertise in developing Magento-based customized online-store solutions. Customers' requirements are then analyzed and draft of a Magento e-commerce solution is prepared taking into account all current business needs, and allowing for certain flexibility to grow along with business in the future. The Magento Commerce ecommerce   platform makes it possible for developers to offer different types of design services and the integration of these customized designs with the online store website.

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