Sunday, September 4, 2011

Key issues in Magento Customization

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It can be said without doubt that Magento is the most downloaded ecommerce platform today. Magento is an open source, PHP Framework that is quite flexible and can be easily adapted to different set of client needs. The fact that this is modular in design adds to its value. The Magento development community is very active and brings out several new extensions and themes on a daily basis. One of the most important issues here in  is that Magento has a Model View Controller approach. This is a real boon to  Developers who can proceed to customize the Magento platform in tune and sync with the needs of the Magento client. Magento Development looks to fine tune Magento to suit the needs of the individual store owners. This fine tuning can be done in respect of Magento Themes, Magento Store extensions and administration. Developers are solely responsible for customizing Magento in tune with the demands of the ecommerce sites that have gone in for the Magento ecommerce Platform. The rudimentary thing that a Magento Developer must know is to make good use of the Magento system by exploiting the full potential of the Magento platform and its features.

Magento development is a tricky business, especially the customization of Magento. Clearly the web store owner should know and understand what exactly he wants before he opts for customization. Since Developers are dime a dozen today, care must be taken to choose the right developer, looking into his qualification and exposure to Magento Development.

Customization is really needed where ecommerce stores deal in multiple products and a large clientele base. Administration of Magento is made simple and easy when you have the right Magento features like extensions and modules.  customization must take care of Magento skinning services, Magento theme development, customization and Integration of shopping cart payment/shipping gateways, search engine optimization of your Magento online store, template design and customization for shopping cart and integration of third party software /applications in Magento store and so on.

One should carefully look for a seasoned Magento Developer if one is to get the desired results for a complete and competent Magento customization. Mere customization for customization's sake is a totally frivolous exercise at achieving customization.

A good way of ensuring quality customization is to choose a qualified customization service provider who has the right attitude, exposure and experience in Magento customization and who offers a cost effective customization solution.

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  2. Hi,
    It is great to read the information provided by you. thanx for sharing it.

  3. i agree, but how can somebody know the developer is trained enought?

  4. most web hosting companies now offer Magento as a free software to be installed...


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