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Magento Customization Lifts e-commerce Ventures to the Next Level

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Magento customization acts as a key driving force behind the e-commerce revolution. Magento e-commerce platform is the ideal solution both for small shop owner and multichannel retailer. It enables them to increase their online sales and generate higher revenues. Magento is an open source solution and is easily available under GPL (General Public License). This factor has enhanced the popularity of Magento.

Higher stability level, easy deployment and upgradable facilities and cutting edge features have made the fastest growing Magento e-commerce solution in the online business vertical. Merchants can derive rich benefits through this software's flexibility and extensibility features that enable them to mold the looks and feels of their online ventures. Aspiring businessmen can dream big with this shopping cart solution. Their business initiatives may be small in size and turnover, but with Magento's offerings they can push their ventures to the next level. This shopping cart platform's tailor-made small enterprise solutions and the turnkey hosted solutions, such as the 'Magento Go' ease up the hunt for the ideal hosting and Magento development options.

Magento's Enterprise solutions offer large business enterprises with flexible features to address complex needs and develop customized e-commerce offerings. These solutions include robust web services APIs, and database and code level access. Moreover, a strong library of 4,000 extensions enables one to customize the product-rich online stores.

Some additional benefits of Magento Enterprise 1.10 are:

Product Configuration:
This feature assists in ensuring better customer experience. It enables implementing easy changes in custom product selection and configurations with enhanced shopping cart facilities.

Better Order Status Tracking Option:
Tracking and managing orders has become easier with Magento Enterprise 1.10. Now, an order status can be assigned with the states of the order quite easily. Administrators are able to manage these order statuses smoothly.

Secure Payment Options:
Introduction of 128-bit SSL encryption empowered payment gateways has enabled vendors to ensure smooth online transactions with customizable and highly secured payment options.

Augmentation to Authorize.Net Payment Functionality:
Magento stores support some of the new features introduced by Authorize.Net, such as authorization reversal, partial authorization and balance response. They enable the online buyers to utilize debit, pre-paid and gift cards for online buying purposes.

Gift Option:
This feature enables vendors to utilize gift options and apply the product wrapping facility. The price range for wrapping categories can also be defined through this feature.

CDN and Database for Substitute Media Depository:
With new features, synchronization process has been modified to easily stock media files in a dedicated database. This can also be done by using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that interfaces with a server network.

Site Management with Added Import and Export Functionalities:
Product and customer database now can be transferred at a rate of 70 products/second to 40 products/second depending on the complexity level of the products. Attribute filters enable full control over adding, substituting or deleting complex data characteristics.

Magento customization offers a wide range of attractive benefits for the online shop, including complete control over e-commerce sites, attractive graphical themes and enhanced customer experience. This open source online business solution has ensured higher productivity in commercial ventures.

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  2. The customization parts are really vital in Magento.

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  3. yes its beneficial but customization is i think extremely complicated in magento...

  4. i think Yes, magento is complicated structure, Magento 2 is aiming to make it easier...


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