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Advance Store Locator – A Perfect Magento Extension For All Types of Online Store

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“A must-advanced and powerful Magento extension ‘Advance Store Locator’ launched by Perception System is a great choice for all the Magento platform users. To know for information about the features of this extension, go through this blog.”
Designed and developed by a professional Magento extension development company, Advance Store Locator is a perfect Magento extension for all types of online stores regardless of the size and type of the store.
Magento platform users can endow their store a stunning look by integrating this beautifully designed and developed extension that is highly modified as per clients’ use. Perception System, the most trusted Magento Development Company based in India, developed this high-end extension for Magento users in order to provide them with its excellent features that make them pleased to deploy it in their store.
Stuffed with some exclusive features, Advance store locator extension allows users to much value their customers to search their stores in their desired country as they just need to enter the country, state or city. Moreover, it also facilitates store search based on Zip-code, so customers can also enjoy this feature and search for your store by entering zip-code.
Advance Store Locator – A Perfect Magento Extension
Now, Magento users can easily pull lots of valuable customers on their site as they just need to integrate this extension to ease their pain. With the help of this extension, your customers can easily search your store in different locations, where you store is located.
Further, it also improves itself by offering guidance to your customers in order to get your store utilizing Google Map. One of the best things about it is this extension provides an approximate estimation in short period of time in order to reach from the location to your store in association with the complete path guidance. Getting this extension for your online Magento store is completely best or I can say that it is must to have extension that hassle-freely allows your customers to search for your store.
Some Advanced Features of Advance Store Locator Extension:
  • It offers a complete list of all the obtainable stores on store front-end.
  • Simple yet easy store search result by enabling customer locates your store by country, state, city and zip code.
  • This extension can ease customers worry by offering “Get Guidance” feature that offers them with features like approximate time taken to reach the destination and path they should follow to reach the place.
  • Upload locator maker image from back-end for each store location
  • Can manage search facility from back-end
There are various other features of this wonderful extension that Magento users can enjoy. However, if they wanted to get their own extension that has their desired features, it is best for them to hire an expert Magento extension developer, who can develop a perfect extension for their store.

Download this extension from here:

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