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What to Do before Installing Magento E-commerce?

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Magento Ecommerce Development
Magento, an open source platform, is getting huge popularity as it is greatly supported by eBay. If you are also thinking to adopt Magento Development, then WAIT!! I have some important points to for you that you have to consider while installing Magento E-commerce. First of all, you have to find out the latest version of Magento template. As a developer, it is obvious that you are finding latest release that comes up with some minor changes. Even, some platforms also have security fixes and functional releases, so it is your duty to check all the full upgrade and test routine before implementing it. Secondly, you have to ensure that you have the default CRON schedules as it enables features like pricing, promotions and alert systems such as ‘Back in stock’. It is advisable to check such schedules first, if you are not getting any alerts. Third thing you have to consider is the compatibility of plug-ins.

There is no doubt Magento platform consists of numerous plug-ins and extensions. Among all, many of them are available with Magento Connect system that allows easy installation. It is must for every developer to check that the plug-in you are going to install has been tested with Magento version as well as it doesn’t get conflict with other installed plug-ins. importantly, you have to check your check-out page as an online store doesn’t work if your check-out page is not designed properly. Some check-out page in Magento Development doesn’t on particular browser. So, as a developer you have to check browser compatible check-out page.

Magento development includes many interesting features; some are useable while some are used. So, make sure to disable such features that you are not using as it reduces speed and performance of your site. RSS and Virtual product modules are loading more than any other features, so make sure to disable it firstly. Magento comes with excellent features and such features charge some cost. So, to run such chargeable features speedily, it is must to search out scalable solutions, which is non-other than caching. Your website will enjoy approximate 95% of speed with APC Cache and Memcache and both will be supportable by Magento. Developers can also have option to install the Google Page Speed plug-in that enhance speed of your website in most of browsers. So, consider all such gives points and develop an excellent Magento website for your business. One can also adopt Magento customization services for enhancing website furthermore. Hire Magento developer and enjoy stupendous website.

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