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Why Choose Magento Web Development for E-commerce Development

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Magento web development greatly increases both the efficiency as well as the visual outlook of an e-commerce website. By far and away Magento is unbeatable open source e-commerce platform. It is a e-commerce software that serves as a great help for businesses when it comes to satisfying the  increasing demands of customers.

Magento e-commerce development has made the creation of dynamic, robust and scalable websites possible. Magento boost plenty of features which you as a store owner can integrate into your e-commerce store for enhanced web presence.
Magento Development

Multi-Store Functionality : Magento allows handling of multiple stores from a common admin panel. For businesses that run multiple stores this comes handy. Products can be easily added, deleted or updated on the respective stores by the admin.

Live Currency Update : This amazing feature automatically calculates and converts the price of a product or service in the currency as entered by the customer. Being directly linked to the  WebServiceX, it automatically updates the rates.

Catalog Management :  Magento development features a flexible catalog management system that offers plenty of options for product display. It even allows for batch import and export.

Search Engine Optimization : The implicit SEO feature of Magento allows for creation of unique titles, URLs, Keywords and such. This greatly help the merchandisers to get high ranking on the search engine listings.

Shipping : This feature displays the real-time carrier rates, flat rates or table rates to patrons. As part of business promotion it even lets vendors to offer its customers shipping discounts on their purchase. The beauty of this feature is that it enables the shipment of products to multiple addresses with in placement of single order.

Analytics and Reporting : The reporting tool provides vendors an insight about their store's online performance. Also it draws the attention to areas that needs improvement and those that are doing extremely well. It help vendors to take proper actions in order to suit the needs of customers.

Marketing & Promotion : Magento features powerful tools like up-sells, cross-sells, gift options, discounts etc.. to increase conversion rate. One can effectively make use of these marketing and promotion tools for products and service advertisement in turn attracting more audience and boosting online sales.

Community Support : Magneto has a huge community of designers and developers that continuously strive to make Magento more advanced.  Besides, Magento offers plenty of free Magento extensions that greatly extend the functionality of your store through Magento customization. It even offers support for third-party integrations.

The above mentioned are just some of the incredible features that this giant offers.  Get these amazing features incorporated into your e-commerce website or store through Custom Magento development for guaranteed success. Visit here for more information about Magento web development services.

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