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Magento Development - Its Features And Benefit

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Magento Development
Magento ecommerce is one of the fastest growing open source ecommerce platforms on the internet. Today, it has become very popular among online merchants as it helps them in creating online shopping cart website.  Magento development is basically shopping cart software that serves of great help especially when it comes to meeting the current market’s scenario. It has become a requirement in today’s competitive market.

Magento has plenty of amazing features. Below are a few to share:
1. Ability to manage multiple stores: 

-> If there’s someone operating more than one online store then make Magento your first choice.
-> It comes with multi web store functionality and administers task with a single backend admin panel. 
-> In spite of having multiple stores one can get report for individual store along with the customer details. It also has list of top selling items and other discount information. 

2. Live Currency Update 

-> Every shopping cart that has multiple currency option is required to update the currency rate manually. 
-> In today’s exchange rates vary daily and so doing things manually can be quite painful. 
-> But things are different when Magento Platform is used. 
-> It is directly linked with Web Service and automatically updates rates.   

3. Uploading end number of products: 

-> The seller can upload unlimited products and purchases. 
-> This is because it is an open source so it doesn’t require any monthly fee like other shopping cart.

4. Customers can avail the facility of reorder: 

-> Repeat Business is the best thing and any business would love to have repeat customers.
-> Magento stores customer’s previous order information in the accounts page so that whenever the customer re-login’s the previous order details is shown in their account. So, if interested can easily reorder.

5.Search Engine Friendly 

-> Thanks to Magento developers that has given this software with inbuilt SEO feature so that one can create unique title, keywords, xml date etc. 
-> This helps one in getting good ranking major search engines. 

6.Code Structure 

-> This software has a well defined core code that allows the users to download other extensions without worrying about the functionality of current website

7.Easy Integrated: 

-> It can easily be integrate with ERP system, Account system, Email tools and many more. 
-> This API helps business in gaining flexibility as per the changing requirement

8.Community Support 

-> Magento has a community of expert Magento developers and designers. 
-> This makes it easy to get help from experts. 
-> Besides, there is thousands of extension that are free and help in customization. 
-> It stores third party extensions in a number of ways.

The above mentioned are just a few advantages of this software besides there are many more. With good Magento development software one can have a successful online presence. 

With this software giving a great platform to their clients by using Magento, one can get maximum traffic for their site. 

If looking for an experienced magento developer then check for them by going online as it will enable you to come across an experienced Magento development company that provides business solutions using Magento.

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